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Become a Certified Master Coach

In 10 weeks you'll learn everything from A-Z about building a thriving coaching practice.
From the comfort of your home or office!

People get involved in the coaching business because they want to make a difference. The problem encountered by many coaches today is that although they know how to coach and they’re passionate about what they’re an expert in, they don’t know how to build their business.

This 10 week intensive lays out the plan, strategies, and all the techniques to build your coaching practice. This includes:

intellectual property creation
guidelines to develop and create coaching ideas and coaching processes
coaching products, trademark protection and copyright strategies
the way right way to build your website

I gained so much knowledge from the Certified Coaches Federation just from two particular programs that I was involved with.

The first level, which is the Certified Coach Practitioner program and the second is the Certified Master Coach program. I’d say both have their merits: the first one just gives you the exact base of documentation, some kind of form of process that helped me get myself more streamlined in my business. The second one is a plethora of information for me to become the professional, important coach that I want to be and keep striving towards becoming more and more successful with.

So, I have learned so much through Derrick Sweet. He’s an amazing guy. He kicks butt. He also has an amazing sense of humour and really encourages you to have fun with what you’re doing. I’ve learned so much through Speech Mastery, through Sales Mastery, through oh my gosh, there’s so much that the CCF can do for you. What makes it different from other organizations which are credentials is that it’s a business.

Life coaching is not a regulated industry. I chose CCF because I came with questions and my questions were answered immediately and I’m really happy I chose CCF because it’s lifted me off - I was already in the initial stages of my business. It’s helping me gain the confidence having the power and really helped me and it’s still helping me and I know there’s a place for me to go when I need someone to hold my hand and I’m not sure where I’m going.

Certified Master Coach Practitioner Course
Business Development Guide
Discover how the sequential flow of information will teach you the step by step process to build your business to its full potential.

The Master Coach Certification Program is an Advanced Coach Training Course, and is primarily focused on the process of helping you develop the skills, tools and resources to Build a Coaching Practice.

The Certified Master Coach designation is the highest level of accreditation and is a recognized symbol of professionalism and qualification.

To use social media (the right way) to build your coaching brand with your target market 
Where to promote, advertise, and sell your coaching services both off-line and on-line
How to design and customize your website to be search engine friendly and show up #1 on Google
The best methods to write books & use them to get more business with companies, organizations, associations
How to develop a network of complimentary strategic alliances that refer business to you
How to build a thriving group coaching practice (includes modules and instruction on various technologies)
How to get free publicity with traditional media (print, television and radio) that work to get you exposure
How to create and protect your intellectual assets, coaching ideas, and coaching programs
To create e-books, MP3s, and other products to build your credibility
To position yourself as an authority and expert in your chosen field 
The 5 skills of Great Speakers (Speech Mastery Course for Coaches)
The 4 Step Process for Selling Coaching Solutions (Sales Mastery Course for Coaches)

Download the Business Development Guide to receive a full synopsis of the Certified Master Coach Practitioner Course.


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