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Interested in building a successful life coach or business coach practice?

The Certified Coaches Federation can help you begin your new career now in two days!

Our two day intensive training program easily provides new and seasoned coaches alike with leading edge coaching and business development skills to naturally ensure your long term success in this rewarding, expanding profession!

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Why choose the Certified Coaches Federation?

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Why Become A Coach?

Certified Coaches Federation Coaches Enjoy the following lifestyle and
career benefits:

A greater sense of fulfillment and purpose in life-because they're making a difference!
Improved relationships-both at home and at work. Our coaches learn new ways to,
     not only communicate their ideas, but to understand all modes of communication in a
     whole new way that is natural and easy to practice!
Positive self-esteem and increased levels of self-confidence!
More balance financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally!
Greater connection to the world and their higher selves!
Achieve more with less effort!
Ability to overcome obstacles and setbacks!
Enjoy a rich lifestyle while making a positive contribution to the world!

Why People Hire A Coach?

Here are some of the most common reasons why people hire coaches:

To move ahead professionally and personally!
To learn strategies and ideas to increase overall productivity!
To integrate a structured system to aid in setting and achieving goals!
To achieve more balance between work and home life!
To reach important career or personal goals!
To learn how to tap into their higher selves and live with more meaning and purpose!
To receive open, direct, honest feedback that is objective and constructive!
To learn how to identify and correct negative beliefs and habits that sabotage success!
To identify and maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses!
To keep them focused and moving toward their goals!

How To Become A Life Coach

Tune in to our Introduction To Coaching bi-weekly webinar to learn more about both Life Coaching and Business Coachng! Every other week CCF Founder, Derrick Sweet hosts a live webinar to give you the opportunity to learn more about this new emerging profession! To register please visit our home page and follow the links to register for this free webinar! In this 27 minute webinar Derrick will discuss the following topics before the live Q & A session:

The History of Coaching
How To Become A Life Coach
How To Choose A Certified Life Coach Training Program


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